About this blog

Women’s roles in agriculture are being fully studied through the efforts of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) a rice institute under the Consultative Group of International Agriculture Research Centers (CGIAR Centers).  IRRI and CGIAR advocate the inclusion of gender research in their scientific endeavors to distinguish the contributions of men and women in agricultural activities.  They recognize the critical roles of gender in agricultural development and sustainability.

This site unravels the various training, studies, updates and mainstreaming activities to recognize the roles of men and women in the agricultural landscape – its social, economic, technological and political implications in the dynamics of food production and sustainability.  It attempts to be a knowledge portal on the issues and trends on gender in agriculture gathered through training, research and extension.  Common hot topics that affect gender in agriculture are rice in the rainfed environment, acceptability of new rice technologies, out-migration, technology adoption and climate change.

These trainings and papers are mainly supervised by IRRI’s gender specialist and social scientist, Dr. Thelma R. Paris of the Social Science Division.

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