Farmer’s participation in rice variety selection

Truong Thi Ngoc Chi1, Phan Van Liem1 and Thelma Paris2
1Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute, Can Tho, Vietnam
2International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

published at: OMONRICE JOURNAL VOL. 15 (2007)


Direct interview of 64 outstanding and experienced male and female farmers by using structured questionnaire and focus group discussion in Long An revealed that the important criteria in rice varietal selection included high yield and high price at harvest. However, male farmers considered more about the rice traits associated with the adaptation to abiotic and biotic environmental conditions while female farmers were more concerned about the characteristics related to post – harvest, especially good eating quality and high income from selling high rice price. Thus, to not neglecting women’s criteria, it is necessary to increase breeding and planting high quality rice.

Read or download the complete paper here.


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