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Contributions of Social Science Perspective in Rice Research and Technology Development in eastern India. Challenges and Opportunities to Make a Difference

by Paris, T. Lead Paper presented at the International Conference  on Social Science Perspective in Agricultural Research and Development, New Delhi, India, February 15-18, 2006. Organized by VARDAN in collaboration with International Food Policy Research Institute. Over the years, the … Continue reading

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Technologies for Improving Rural Livelihoods in Rainfed Systems in South Asia

EDITED BY Zahirul Islam, Mahabub Hossain, Thelma Paris, Bill Hardy, Joyce Gorsuch Hundreds of millions of rural poor in Bangladesh, India,and Nepal derive their food security and livelihoodsfrom the 25 million hectares of the eastern Gangetic Plains devoted to farming systems based mainly on rainfed … Continue reading

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Labor Substitution in Philippine Rice Farming Systems: An Analysis of Gender Work Roles

S. J. Tisch and T. R. Paris (1994) Rural Sociology Volume 59 Issue 3, Pages 497 – 514 The effect of rice technology adoption on gender work roles of husbands and wives is examined in two rice ecosystems in the Philippines. Technology use is likely to be less … Continue reading

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Leadership course for Asian and African Women for research and extension in rainfed rice ecosystems

The Leadership course for Asian and African Women for research and extension in rainfed rice ecosystems will be held on 6-17 September 2010 in the IRRI training Center.  This 12-day course is for Asian and African women who is leading and will … Continue reading

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Social consequences of stressed environments

Paris T., Singh A., Hossain M. In  Physiology of stress tolerance in rice: Proceedings of the International Conference on Stress Physiology of Rice held in Lucknow, India on 28 February – 5 March 1995.  Edited by Singh, V.P. et. al. … Continue reading

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