The “Leadership Course for Asian and African Women for research and extension” participants has brought change in one’s personal and professional life.  Through this survey form (click here) we would like to know what happens after the training.

Here are a few testimonies from those who have answered our queries.

Yes now I am more confident and ready to accept challenges in personal and professional life. Dr. (Smt.) Abha Singh, India

from being reserve and reluctant to having self-confidence and open to new ideas Adela “Fatimah” Voluntad

Since I have been trained in women leadership program organized by IRRI some researchers and organizations involved in agriculture have invited mc to join their projects. Bimala Sharma

I can’t remember all the topics but what helped me and draw inspiration from were the stories of those successful women in their chosen field. Secondly, the exercises we had where there were interactions and sharing with the participants’ experiences — that really enriched me.Ma. Dinah R. Loculan, Philippines

The training has exposed me to different cultures, thereby increasing my understanding and tolerance of their beliefs, and has taught me the values of goodwill and cultural awareness. Donna Robles, Philippines

The lectures on improving oneself to gain or improve self confidence. the learning activity to recognize one’s personality type also helped. Gilely Santiago, Philippines

The testimonies from the women guest leaders, interacting with other nationalities/women leaders and realizing that Filipinos are at par (sometimes even better) with/than them, the comments after the oral presentation (knowing your strengths and weaknesses).Irene Tanzo, PHILRICE, Philippines

Topics on developing one’s self – making a presentation, dressing properly, improving self esteem as well as the inspirational talks of successful women. Moreover, the training team that performs excellent job everyday was also a great influence in improving my personality – talking to people in a nice way, dressing properly, smiling, working under pressure, etc.Jean Somera, Philippines

The team building exercises enhanced my leadership capabilities and have proven my innate ability to lead a group and be successful in our undertakings. I can very well express my opinions which are acceptable to the majority of the group members.Leylani L. Juliano, Philippines

All, especially from experiences of expertises.  Motivation and examples that woman can change the world.Lies Parede , Indonesia

After I have been trained on the leadership course, I found the developments or changes in my personality are :
– I know how to behave in the workplace and in front of the public
– I know how to be more attractive woman
– I know how to respond to difficult people and handle anger or conflicts
– I know how to be a good presenter and effective presentation
– I know how to dress properly in the workplace
– I know how to communicate with different people and cultures
– I know how to be more effective and qualified leader

The aspects of the leadership training course have helped me to :
– Know how to improve my personality in the workplace
– Enhance the communication skills
– Know how to behave when giving a presentation in front of the public
– Know how to dress properly in the workplace or training course
– Be able to train other women to know what is the important of personality development in the workplace
Lina Chhay, Cambodia

I know more myself, my weaknesses and my strengths. The 7 habits of highly e ffective people.Lu Li

Shy before, now assertive; fear of speaking in public now can speak with confidence
I get a very good counselling from this course. I feel more confident in every steps of day-to-day life eg.I can say NO when I want to say NO and YES when I really want which was problem for me before.  I become more confident in delivering the technical aspects in public.  It helped me in aquiring proper,positive attitude and temperament.
I think it started from going through a long, long ,formal procedures (Permission of Chief Minister)for participating the training and that was the first time Ihad gone alone out side country.So,I think if the place of training is outside someone’s own country,then it has a positive effect.I experienced it for this training programme. MAJUMDER

Saying what you mean and writing it = this topic is a big help in my technical writing and presentations in scientific symposia, as well as in delegation of work to my colleagues.

Wear a Smile = keeps me in good mood at home and in the office. This information have also influenced my other colleagues in the office and laboratory, hence, helped improve what ever transactions (whether official or personal) we have in my workplace.

Handling Anger = this has kept me as “cool person,” “mapasensya” to avoid confrontation.

Dressing for success = Even if the attire in the office is not too formal and not too casual, as long as “ hindi kabastus-bastos ang style, people respect you.”

Personal Style inventory = this personal assessment is a big help of how should I understand others in relation to me. This made me think, “Yon pala ako. Hindi lahat ng tao is like me, hence, I need to extend my understanding bakit sila ganoon.” I always remind myself: “Hindi lahat ng tao ay katulad ko kaya I should not expect too much from others.” This thinking made my life so simple and worry-free.Maria Buena Areza-Ubaldo, Philippines

(Self) Assertiveness, maintaining Personal Energy, building self esteem and confidence.Marie Kim Leng, Cambodia

Yes, I feel more confident and secure.  The introduction to other women in various Asian countries but in similar fields of interest, certain leactures and the course conductors, co-ordinator’s motivational skills.Meghana Kelkar, India

Yes, I think I have self-confidence regarding presentation and discussion
Asserting your self , Dressing for success , Wear a smile” of the training course have helped me improve my personality.
Ms.Swe Swe Myint

I have more confidence in facing all challenges in daily life.  The outbond activities. Expressing my opinion to boss and co-workers.  Communication with my parents is developing since I become more open about my feelings and thoughts to them.Ms. Juanita Koeswinaritha Bawolye

I have an independence and enterprising idea in my life than before. Ms. Seung-Hee Han, Korea

Seven habits, Leadership.  friendly, help each otherOu Phichong

Speech skill, team building, presentation, preparation of project, problem solvingPratibha Singh

Personality Development: Style matters; Personality Development: Ten tips for developing your own successful style;  Improving your self confidence; Building your self esteem; Asserting your self Pyone

Maybe the out bound session was give me more self-confidence levelSri Mortani

More assertive, fexibility depending on situation, loving others more, 7 habits Truong Thi Ngoc Chi, Vietnam

The real life experiences shared by the resourceful resource personsUmarani Ranganathan, India


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