Leadership Course for Asian and African Women for research and extension in rainfed rice ecosystems


Traditionally, Asian and African women have been assigned support roles relative to the men in the family. The other social institutions of religion, school, and subsequently marriage have often re-enforced this female supportive role, and thus, majority of working women today have limited experience in leading others. This discrepancy needs to be filled, as women take their place as an important segment of the Asian and African workforce, and find themselves in positions of leadership.

This course targets the development of women scientists, extension workers, social workers and small entrepreneurs. It will encourage them to take the lead in generating information and knowledge, making an impact on men and women farmers’ practices, and influencing policies that affect the sector.

This training course will locate women’s leadership development within the context of their working with the latest developments in rice technology that are relevant to farmers, climate change and rice for stress prone environments, quality seed production, networking and organization linkages for dissemination of new technology and the writing of concept notes.

This 12-day course aims to develop the leadership skills of Asian and African women in agriculture R, D & E to make them more effective agents of change in the agriculture sector.

Download brochure (in pdf).   Read more


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