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Farmer’s participation in rice variety selection

Truong Thi Ngoc Chi1, Phan Van Liem1 and Thelma Paris2 1Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute, Can Tho, Vietnam 2International Rice Research Institute, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines published at: OMONRICE JOURNAL VOL. 15 (2007) ABSTRACT Direct interview of 64 outstanding … Continue reading

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Germplasm and management strategies for enhancing productivity of salt-affected areas

A. M. Ismail1, M.J. Thomson1, T. Paris18, R.K. Singh1, G. Gregorio1, S. Haefele1, G. Singh2R.K. Gautam2, S.K. Sharma2, D.P. Singh3, P.C. Ram4, M.A. Salam5, T.N. Lang6 M.A. Draz7, A. Moumeni8, V. Vadez9, A. Dhakhee10, and E. Blumwald11 1International Rice Research … Continue reading

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Comparing farmers and breeders rankings in varietal selection for low-input environments: A case study of rainfed rice in eastern India

B. Courtois1, B. Bartholome1, D. Chaudhary5, G. McLaren1, C.H. Misra4, N.P. Mandal2, S. Pandey1, T. Paris1, C. Piggin1, K. Prasad2, A.T. Roy6, R.K. Sahu3, V.N. Sahu3, S. Sarkarung1, S.K. Sharma3, A. Singh4, H.N. Singh4, O.N. Singh4, N.K. Singh7, R.K. Singh1, R.K. Singh3, S. Singh4, P.K. Sinha2, B.V.S. Sisodia4 and R. Takhur7 (1)International Rice Research Institute, MCPO Box 3127, 1271 Makati City, Philippines; (2) Central Rainfed Upland … Continue reading

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Breeding better rainfed rice varieties through farmer participation: some early lessons from eastern India

Brigitte Courtois1, Rama Kant Singh, Sushil Pandey, Colin Piggin, Thelma Paris, Suraphong Sarkarung, Virendra Pal Singh, Graham McLaren,2; Suraj Singh Baghel, Ram Kumar Sahu, Vishwa Nath Sahu, Sharad Kumar Sharma,3; Sanjay Singh, Hari Nath Singh, Abha Singh, Omar Nath Singh, … Continue reading

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