• Technologies for improving rural livelihoods in rainfed systems in South Asia by Islam Z. Hossain M., Paris T., Hardy H., Gorsuch J. , published by International Rice Research Institute, Philippines, p 124. Read more and download paper here.
  • Farmers’ participation in rice variety selection by Truong Thi Ngoc Chi, Paris T., Omonrice Journal Volume 15, 2007. Read here.
  • Labour outmigration, livelihood of rice farming households and women left behind: a case study in Eastern Uttar Pradesh by Paris TR, Singh A, Luis J, Hossain M, in Gender, Food Security and Rural Livelihoods.  MSWaminathan Rice Research Foundation, STREE Publishing, Kolkatta, India, pp.295-325.  Purchase book here
  • Women’s roles and needs in changing rural Asia with emphasis on rice-based technologies by Paris T., in 2007 FFTC-RDA International Seminar on Enhancement of Women Farmers’ Role in the Development of Rural Asia, Suwon, Korea, 15-19 October 2007. To be published in proceedings of this seminar and forthcoming in the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) Journal. Read here.
  • Impact of rice technology with emphasis on women by Paris, T., presented at the Rice Convening Meeting Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, June 2009,  Seattle, USA.

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