Latest Publications


Assessing Needs, Constraints and Livelihood Opportunities in Coastal Saline Environments: a Case in Orissa, India by Paris T., Saha S., Singh D.P., Mahata K.R., Delos Reyes-Cueno A., Zolvinski S., and Ismail A.M in CAB International 2010. Tropical Deltas and Coastal Zones: Food Production, 320 Communities and Environment at the Land–Water Interface (eds C.T. Hoanh et al.)

Read paper here.


Addressing gender concerns in rice research and technology development: challenges and opportunities to make a difference by Paris T.  In: Rola AC, Peñalba LM, Carada WB, Paunlagui MM, editors.  2009.  The social sciences in agriculture and community development: a changing paradigm. Selected papers from the Symposium on The Changing Role of the Applied Social Sciences in Agriculture and Community Development.  January 29-30, 2008, Los Banos Laguna, Philippines.  385 p.


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