Knowledge, attitude and practice of seed management technologies in rice farming in Central Luzon

by Diaz, C. P., J. S. Luis, T. Paris and M. Hossain in Philippine Journal of Crop Science 1994. 19(2) 87-99.


This paper examines the traditional practices of seed management, the impact of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training on seed management practices and the effect of good seed management practices on rice production and productivity. One hundred and ten farmers were interviewed in Matingkis and Gabaldon, Munoz, Nueva Ecija [Philippines] during the wet and dry seasons of 1993. The seed cleaning practices adopted by the farmers were cleaning a selected portion of the field by rogueing and weeding, winnowing, flotation and special drying techniques. The IPM training did not have influence on farmers’ frequency of changing the new seeds. However, the IPM training have influenced farmers’ choice of using seeds from the dry season’s harvest for these seeds are more healthy. Despite having more men as participants in the IPM training, more women and less men were responsible in cleaning and storing the seeds. The problems identified were the farmers’ traditional beliefs and presence of contaminants, such as weed seeds, defective seeds (discolored, broken or deformed seeds), storage insects, soil particles and other plant seeds. Farmers with IPM training observed lesser impurities on their seed stocks, compared to those without the IPM training. Significant differences on rice yields were noted between farmers who practiced more or less efficient seed management practices

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