Women farmer leaders meet in Rome to discuss their challenges and opportunities

The workshop on promoting womens’ leadership in farmers’ organizations kicked off the Third Global Farmers’ Forum. This workshop is very unique, so unique that even the weather decided to do something unique. On Friday, it snowed in Rome!!!

The workshop brings together some 40 women and men farmer leaders. In most developing countries, women perform a large part of the agricultural work and produce the bulk of the world’s food crops. The productivity of women farmers is constrained by the same factors that affect small agricultural producers in general, which are in turn compounded by gender-specific factors. These include:

  • lack of time and limited mobility due to multiple domestic and productive responsibilities;
  • women’s more limited access to assets and services (including extension);
  • illiteracy;
  • low participation and limited decision-making in producers’ organizations; and
  • socio-cultural factors affecting their mobility and participation in public decision-making.

Read the article here:  http://ifad-un.blogspot.com/2010/02/women-farmer-leaders-meet-in-rome-to.html


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