Group seeks support for female farmers

Group seeks support for female farmers.

Actionaid Nigeria, an international non-governmental organisation, wants the federal government to give more attention to female farmers in Nigeria.

Ifeoma Charles- Monwuba, its Deputy Country Director, made this request when the group paid a visit to Sheik Abdallah, the Minister of Agriculture, in his office in Abuja on Wednesday.

The group said that women make up a large percentage of farmers in Nigeria but are often marginalised because they do not have easy access to credit and other inputs necessary for effective and more profiting farming activity.

Mrs Charles-Monwuba said, “Women farmers in Nigeria deserve greater attention in order for food security, and right to be insured due to the fact that they are the main producers of food. Despite their enormous contribution to food production, they have less access to extension services, credit and fertilizers than men do.”

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