Gender roles in rice farming systems in the Mekong River Delta: An exploratory study

Truong Thi Ngoc Chi, 1 Nguyen Thi Khoa, 1 Bui Thi Thanh Tam, 1 and T.R. Paris 2
1 Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute, Omon, Cantho, Vietnam;2 International Rice Research Institute. P.O. Box 933, Manila 1099, Philippines.
G.L. Denning and Vo Tong Xuan (eds). Vietnam and IRRI: A Partnership in Rice Research.  Proceedings of a conference held in Hanoi, Vietnam, 4-7 May 1994.

Interviews and focused surveys were conducted in two irrigated villages in Omon District, Cantho Province, to examine the roles of women in farm labor and management, their knowledge of farm-related matters, and their wishes for training.  Women contributed about 45% of labor input on the farms, even in tasks traditionally done by men.  Decisions in rice production were generally made by the husbands; however, women generally made those related to buying and selling animals and their by-products and to the household. The labor requirements of intensive crop cultivation require that women acquire more knowledge and skills in farming, particularly crop management.  Thus, the following areas of research into the roles of women farmers should be investigated: pest management practices and gender roles; the implications of increasing labor demand on family welfare; seed management and postharvest storage of rice and upland crops; and credit for women farmers.

Read and download article here (in pdf).

Read and download book here (in pdf).


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