Technology and Policy Needs of Poor Women in Asian Rice Farming

by Thelma Paris, in Gender, Technology and Development, Vol. 2, No. 2, 187-218 (1998)


Studies on innovative rice technologies have shown that they do not always lead to in creased and more efficient production and higher incomes for the agriculturist. The impact of the green revolution, for instance, has been the pauperization and marginalization of poor rural women. While on the one hand some technologies have increased the burden of tasks left to women, others have begun performing remunerative tasks that were earlier the domain of women. The concern here is the appropriate rice technologies for Asian rural women, who perform one-fourth to half the chores in rice growing. This paper provides a review of available studies on the impact of specific rice technologies on differ ent categories of women. It discusses the conditions under which women can benefit from technological innovations and the efforts to address the technology needs of women in rice farming.

Download paper here.


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