Appropriate technology for improving women’s welfare: a case study of farmer participatory evaluation of a micro rice mill in Central Luzon, Philippines

Diaz, C. Hossain M. and Paris T., in Philippine Sociological Review: Jan –Dec, pp. 68-80.

Rural women in Asia play important roles in the production of rice and the preparation of rice products.  These tasks require considerable time and energy and involve drudgery. Small engineering technologies that reduce drudgery increase labor productivity and augment family incomes are needed for improving welfare.  The challenge lies in developing intermediate engineering technologies which can improve the workiing conditions of women and at the same time generate income for their families and their communities.

This study aims to test and evaluate the micro rice mill, an intermediate mechanical technology suitable for women, in terms of technical performance, economic viability and social acceptability.

Read and download article here (in pdf).


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