Using Participatory Tools in Setting Gender-Sensitive Criteria for Acceptable Rice Varieties in Eastern India

by Thelma R. Paris, Abha Singh, H.N. Singh, Joyce Luis and M. Hossain

Participatory Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management A SOURCEBOOK

VOLUME 3: Doing Participatory Research and Development

Sustaining household food (rice security) is the main goal of poor farming households in rainfed lowland rice environments in Eastern India. To these people, this goal is difficult to achieve due to the biophysical and socio-economic factors constraining rice yields. Despite the long-term efforts through rice breeding research, some farmers in Eastern India have resisted their adoption and still continue to grow traditional rice varieties. This may be due to the farmers’ lack of accessibility to new seeds or the lack of suitable rice varieties that are better than what are being currently grown. There has been a lack of understanding of the farmers’ selection criteria, their environments and gender roles in rice production and processing.

Even with women’s active involvement in rice production, postharvest and seed management, scientists who are mostly male often talk with the male farmers only. Ignoring women’s knowledge and preference for rice varieties may be an obstacle to adoption of improved varieties, particularly in areas with gender-specific tasks, and in farm activities where women have considerable influence.

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